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Virtual Security Lab: Architecture

Last month I wrote about my aspirations to create virtual security lab for students on campus to use. Well, as of now the lab is up and running! It is comprised of four machines all running dual Xeon, dual-core processors with 12 GBs of ram per. One machine, acting as a file server, has 1 TB of storage on a Raid 10. The others have 500 GB for internal storage. Two machines run ESXi and act as hypervisors, one machine runs Windows 2008 as a management device, and the file server is running openfiler.

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Security talk at NYU cSplash

This weekend I gave a turbo-talk at NYU's Courant Splash!. cSplash is a math and science festival for high school students. I arrived at the event a bit early and spent some time talking to past teachers. I was really interested in whether the students were receptive of some of the advanced topics given in math and science. I had never given a presentation to high school students so I wasn't sure if they'd participate. As it turns out, some of the students signed up for the festival themselves, as opposed to my miss-conception that their respective school had registered them. (I wish I was that motivated in high school.)

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Virtual Security Lab using ESXi

I've been working on solving a very specific problem. I'd like to have access to a general security lab on campus such that myself and a few friends can practice for a cybersecurity competition. The university has a great Security lab, the only problem is, everyone loves using it and it has relatively strong physical security. Either way, a few students cannot walk in at 3:00AM and start running attack scenarios. Go figure.

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