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SIM card curiosity, and a little Hardware Hacking

A few months ago I took an interest in the layer 2/3 protocols (and their implementations) for mobile networks. I quickly arrived at SIM card hacking and like a young schoolboy thought, “man if only I could MitM the hardware communication I could spoof other’s SIM cards and use free Internet!” Nope. Well, not nope, but it’s not that easy.

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Analyzing CVE-2010-0188 exploits: The Legend of Pat Casey (Part 1)

I'm going to call this: The Legend of Pat Casey. Keep reading to find out why, but I'm pretty sure there are no villains involved named Pat, nor Casey. The story begins in late June into early July when I became interested in malware analysis and subsequently, reverse engineering.

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Exploring recent PDF exploits: A Time Killer

Over the past few months I've seen numerous articles and CVEs on Adobe Reader and it's vulnerabilities. It seems like everyday I wake up to a new discussion on how to launch some bit of javascript or run application xyz. Well, I've also been seeing many attempts to exploit old vulnerabilities. (Usually by correlating suspicious domains to sets of drive-by-download PDF files thanks to a short script by my friend Dave.) Either way, this last week the number of malicious PDFs increased. So I decided to take some apart and familiarize myself with the different vulnerabilities and how JavaScript played a role. All the information I found had already been documented (and I'll try my best to link to those discoveries). But I want to walk through my investigation and maybe up-turn a few overlooked rocks.

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